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Toilet Repair & Installation

Is your toilet clogged? Our plumbers can take care of it. We stock our vehicles with the most popular toilet parts, to solve your problem before it gets worse.

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Toilet installation & repair services

Get toilet installation and toilet repair services from a local mountain plumber. We serve Lake Arrowhead,  Big Bear and the surrounding communities.

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Toilet Services We Provide

Toilet Flange Repair & Replacement: The most common toilet flanges here in the mountains are made of cast iron (in an older home) and ABS (in modern homes). The flange keeps your toilet leveled and attached in its place. When these flanges break you’ll begin to notice water around the toilet’s edge, a rocking toilet, and/or a foul odor where sewer gasses have begun to escape.

Supply Line Repair & Replacement: The toilet supply line provides a steady source of water to your toilet’s tank. Older homes in Lake Arrowhead have copper supply lines attached to an old ball valve. These older toilet lines break and become so unreliable that we recommend replacement when they begin to corrode.

Rusted Bolts: Over time water begins to corrode the bolts in the toilet tank and the bolts that attach to the toilet flange. Our technicians can review your bolts and repair or replace them when necessary.

Cracks & Broken Parts: Toilets that leak, randomly flush, and/or take a long time to fill usually have underlying issues like broken fill valves, flappers, ballcocks, float arms, and more. Our technicians can review your issues and provide a solution that includes toilet repair or a toilet replacement, when necessary.

New Toilet Installation: Many homeowners prefer the look of new modern toilets. New toilets are more efficient and match the style most modern bathrooms demand. We can install a toilet you supply, or provide you with a toilet from one of the major brands like Koehler, Briggs, Mansfield, Crane, American Standard, and more.

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Frequently asked questions

As of 2023, the average cost to install a toilet ranges from $225 to $600. Cost is influenced by the brand and type of toilet, where it’s installed (i.e. difficulty) and any extra features.

There are advantages and disadvantages to 1 piece toilets, that will determine what is best for you. 

A 1 piece toilet is easier to keep clean since there are less crevices and mold doesn’t develop as easily. However, they are heavier to lift since they have to be moved all at once, instead of dividing the weight between 2 pieces. They are also heavier in general since there is more porcelain and can be a burden to weak/thin floors.

A 2 piece toilet is more customizable, with varying heights and shapes. This can be an advantage when fitting the toilet to a small space or specific dimensions. Both the 1 piece and 2 piece can be adapted to include options such as a bidet or energy flow savings.

This is a question with a broad range of answers. In the past, toilets had been known to last 20 all the way up to 50 years. However, new plumbing and toilet technology that is beneficial for the environment, as well as more efficient for the home, also has a shorter life span. In this modern time, it’s a good idea to replace your toilet every 10-15 years. You could wait until you see cracks, or the toilet wobbles or leaks water, but at that point damage and bacteria could be concealed under the floor and repairs may be more costly.

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