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Garbage Disposals

Did your garbage disposal stop working? There are a variety of reasons why disposals break down, we can help you fix or replace the disposal you have.

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Garbage disposal repair or replacement

Get help from a local mountain plumbing company! We do garbage disposal repair and installations from Crestline to Green Valley Lake.

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Our focus is on quality – we take the time to do it right and up to code.

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We provide a signed estimate, so there are no surprises afterward.

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Our plumbers are certified and often provide same day service.

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Garbage Disposal FAQs

Disposals stop working for a variety of reasons. The unit may just be old, been overloaded, the motor may have seized, or the flywheel could have an obstruction.

We install customer supplied garbage disposals regularly. If you don’t have one it’s not a problem, we usually keep a few in our vehicles.

Yes!… As long as you have space under the sink we should be able to install a disposal for you. We even re-route drain pipes when needed.

Most disposals have a life span of about 10 years or so. A disposal that no longer cuts food particles properly can leave large chunks of debris in your drains, causing backups and a rotten smell in your kitchen.
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