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Is your kitchen, bathroom or sewer line backing up? Call us right away! We’ve got commercial grade snake & rooter equipment built to unclog drains, no matter how tough. We can also work with you to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

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Professional snake and rooter service

Because we live in the local Lake Arrowhead community, we can help you understand how and why your sewer line is backing up. Get help with your drain and schedule your appointment now!

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Our focus is on quality – we take the time to do it right and up to code.

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We provide a signed estimate, so there are no surprises afterward.

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Our plumbers are certified and often provide same day service.

Types of drains we unclog

Bathroom: A back-up in the restroom can turn into a biohazard, fast. We’ve seen raw sewage come up the sink, shower, and toilet, all at once!

Kitchen: Kitchens have what is called the “dirty arm” – one of the most clog prone drain pipes, due to grease and food leaving the kitchen sink.

Laundry: Modern washing machines drain at a rate much faster than they used to. Laundry line drain clogs can cause sewage to come up drains in other rooms!

Mainline Sewers: Main sewer line clogs are very common here in the mountains. Roots, off-sets, collapsed pipe, and items that shouldn’t be flushed can cause a backup.

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Snake & Rooter FAQs

The best drain cleaner is hydrochloric acid, also known as muriatic acid. This potent formula can only be purchased by a licensed plumber and must be handled with care. Most plumbers use hydrochloric acid and/or a snake & rooter to unclog drains.

The same formula is going to apply for bathtubs, showers and sinks. You could try a homemade solution, or buy some Drano at the store, but if you’re still having a problem give us a call, sooner rather than later. We’ll snake it and get it done before there’s a bigger problem.

Some have found success with a salt/vinegar combination. For example, 1/2cup of baking soda, followed by 1/2 cup of vinegar. Let it sit for an hour and wash it down with hot water. If you’re still having a problem give us a call, sooner rather than later. We’ve got the equipment needed to get it done right.

The average cost to snake a drain, as of 2023, is $225. Though it can range between about $149 and $510, depending on the circumstances.
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