Professional Snake & Rooter Service

Is your kitchen,  bathroom,  or sewer line backing up? Call us right away! We've got commercial grade snake & rooter equipment built to unclog drains,  no matter how tough.


Because we live in the local Lake Arrowhead community,  we can help you understand how and why your sewer line is backing up. Get help with your drain and schedule your appointment now!

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Types of Drains we Unclog


A back-up in the restroom can turn into a biohazard mess,  fast. We've seen raw sewage come up the shower,  sink,  and toilet,  all at once! 


Kitchens have what is called the "dirty arm" - one of the most clog prone drain pipes,  due to grease and food leaving the kitchen sink.


Modern washing machines drain at a rate much higher than they used to. Laundry line drain clogs can cause sewage to come up drains in other rooms!

Mainline Sewers

Main sewer line clogs are very common here in the mountains. Roots,  off-sets,  collapsed pipe,  and items that shouldn't be flushed can cause a backup.

Why Choose Brothers Plumbing & Rooter Service?

Plumbing Services From Local Experts

When emergencies arise,  we're just a few miles away. We're familiar with the type of issues Lake Arrowhead,  Crestline,  Running Springs,  Big Bear and the surrounding area encounter daily.


Local building codes,  weather,  and plumbing materials have a direct effect on how your drain works.

Equipment Needed to Solve Your Problem

We've spent thousands of dollars on the equipment and tools needed to help you effectively deal with your stoppage. 


Our drain cleaning,  jetting,  and camera equipment is specialized specifically for what we encounter in your neighborhood on the regular. 

Solutions to Prevent Future Backups

We'll work with you to prevent the inconvenience of future backups from happening again.


Sewer cleaning services,  drain relief valves,  venting,  and upgraded toilets can help prevent the damage and inconvenience a clogged sewer can bring.

Frequently asked questions

Do you accept credit cards?Yes! We do our best to make our visit convienient for you. We accept VISA, Mastercard, American Express, & Discover.

Do I need to be home while you're working?You’re not required to be on-site while we clear your drains. Many of our customers use us to maintain their Airbnb rentals and secondary homes. We send estimates electronically, once approved we begin working.

How do I prepare for our appointment?ANIMALS: We love animals! Although if they’re aggressive it’s best they’re “put away” before we enter your property.

ITEMS: Small items on or around the workplace area may need to be relocated. Feel free to move nick-nacks you think might be in the way.

PARKING: We drive vehicles full of tools and equipment needed to get your problem fixed. Please ensure there is at least one available parking spot for our work vehicle.

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