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Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service

Get help from a local mountain plumbing company! We do garbage disposal repair and installations from Crestline to Green Valley Lake.


Did your garbage disposal stop working? There are a variety of reasons why disposals break down, we can help you fix or replace the disposal you have.

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Why did my garbage disposal stop working?

Disposals stop working for a variety of reasons. The unit may just be old,  been overloaded,  the motor may have seized,  or the flywheel could have an obstruction.

Can you install the disposal I buy?

We install customer supplied garbage disposals regularly. If you don't have one it's not a problem, we usually keep a few in our vehicles.

Can you install a new disposal where there was none before?

Yes!... As long as you have space under the sink we should be able to install a disposal for you. We even re-route drain pipes when needed.

When should I replace my disposal?

Most disposals have a life span of about 10 years or so. A disposal that no longer cuts food particles properly can leave large chunks of debris in your drains,  causing backups and a rotten smell in your kitchen.

Garbage Disposal FAQ

Is it worth it to repair a garbage disposal?Generally it’s better to replace a garbage disposal than to repair it because it typically costs about the same and the new disposal comes with a warranty.

How much does it cost to fix a clogged garbage disposal?The cost of fixing a garbage disposal issue varies greatly, usually from $80 - $400, depending on the issue. If the garbage disposal unit itself needs repairing and the cost is comparable to the a new unit, we will recommend replacement.

What is the average life of a garbage disposal?Garbage disposals typically last 8-15yrs, depending on usage, the model type, and care.

How do you know when your garbage disposal needs to be replaced?Signs that a garbage disposal needs to be replaced include:

- Disposal doesn’t turn on 
- Leaking
- Frequent clogs
- Loud noises with no obvious cause (i.e. utensils down the hatch)
- Slow processing

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